What’s new in iOS 8.3.1 for iPhone and iPad on Samsung smartphones and tablets?

Apple is rolling out iOS 8 for iPhone/iPad devices on Tuesday.

iOS 8 has been available since September, but it’s only been available on some iPhone and iPod touch devices in the US.

But Apple has now rolled out iOS 9 for all iPhone and iPads.

The big news for iPhone owners is that iOS 9 has been optimized for 64-bit processors and is the first time iOS has been specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

There’s also an updated version of Safari that includes improved support for touch gestures.iOS 9 also includes improvements to Siri, the voice assistant on iPhones, and a new Messages app for iPhone users.

We’ll see more about the Messages app in the coming weeks.

Apple’s mobile operating system has been a favorite among iOS users since its launch in 2010.

But the company has been slowly moving to 64-bits and has also been making significant changes to the iPhone experience.

For instance, Apple introduced a new Siri interface in iOS 10 that included more information about the user and also included better audio quality.

Apple has also improved the look and feel of the iOS 8 interface and redesigned some of its apps.

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are both 64-core processors, and the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s are both running 64- and 32-bit versions of iOS.

iOS 9 will support both of those phones.

iPhone users in the United States will have to upgrade to 64 bits to run iOS 9.iOS 8.2 was released last month and has been rolling out to some users in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The latest update for the iPhone OS has been updated for iOS 9 and is available for free on Apple’s website.

For iOS 8 users, Apple has changed the way it displays a notification from the lock screen.

The notification now comes in a square shape and is easier to see on iPhone screens.

iOS 7 users can also see the notification as an expanded image on the lock icon, but that feature is not available in iOS 9 yet.

For iPhone users, there are a few new features in iOS.

Siri can now remember a user’s location and send that information directly to Siri on a call, for example.

The feature is also available in Messages on the iPhone.

Apple also is adding support for third-party keyboards.

The company said it’s introducing new keyboard options for iPhone in the future.