Facebook ‘talks to’ security firm about malware threats on social network

Facebook said Thursday that it has contacted a cybersecurity firm about the threat it said was sent to the social network in late June, the second time in as many months that a company has shared that information with the company.

In a blog post, Facebook said it contacted Symantec to investigate whether an attack on its network in June was legitimate, after receiving information about an attack it said appeared to have been sent to its systems.

The company said it would share more information in the coming days.

Symantec, which also develops software for the federal government and other businesses, said in a blog that the attack appeared to be related to a data breach that occurred in late May.

Facebook said the company did not see a threat to its network and that Symantech has not received any new information since it reported the issue.

In June, SymantEC said that it received information from Facebook that suggested the company had been hacked.

Facebook later acknowledged that Symants breach.

Symants chief executive Matt King said at the time that Facebook was not able to verify the authenticity of the information that it shared.

Facebook’s move comes amid a national debate about how the government should handle cybersecurity threats.