Google Voice is ‘the most important voice’ in the fight against pandemic, says CEO

With Google Voice on the verge of its third major overhaul since the pandemic began, CEO Sundar Pichai is set to present the company’s vision for the future of voice.

The company’s strategy will likely involve changing how the world communicates, Pichais goal is to ensure voice calls and texts are more convenient and personalized for the user.

Voice calls and text messages will be replaced by digital messaging services and a variety of new technologies, including facial recognition technology that can match people’s face to those on social media profiles, the company said in a statement.

Google is launching a number of new services and products in 2017, including Google Plus, Google Cloud Messaging, and Google Cloud Photos, and the company also announced it is partnering with Microsoft and Apple in an effort to connect more people around the world.

However, Pachai will likely talk more about the importance of Google Voice’s new technology than the messaging apps, the WSJ’s Mary Clare Jalonick reported.

“We will use voice to connect people and deliver better customer service to them,” Pichaa said in the statement.

“Voice is not just the most important thing in our world today, it’s the most useful, and voice is at the heart of what we’re doing here at Google.”

Google will likely launch a number in the coming months, including a new social app, the new Google Voice app, and new video content creation tools.