How to add SMS-like text service to your Gmail account

With the release of Gmail for Android, Google announced the addition of a new SMS-based service to the service, dubbed “Gmail SMS” for short.

This new service is intended for those who want to use the service to send SMS-enabled text messages to anyone with Gmail accounts.

Gmail SMS will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Gmail users will have the option of using either the new Gmail SMS app or the existing Gmail SMS mobile app.

Gmail will be adding SMS-specific features to Gmail over time, but the service’s current Android app already has a few built-in SMS features.

Gmail will also be adding a few new voice features to the app that make it easier for people to talk to their friends and family.

Google will also continue to provide a variety of other SMS services to Gmail users.

These include voice messages, message sharing, and other messaging features.

The company also recently introduced Google Voice, which allows people to chat with other people via SMS.

There are also Google Voice-specific mobile apps, including Gmail Mobile and Gmail Mobile Plus.

As for the other features of Gmail SMS, you’ll be able to set up custom notifications, such as a reminder for your work or social media accounts.

These are all in the form of SMS text messages.

If you want to have more control over how the service is used, you can also set up a calendar, send emails, or share your photos.

Google is also offering a new email account, Gmail Mobile, that will let you send email through your Google Account.

The Gmail SMS service will be made available to all users on April 3.

We’ll have more coverage of Gmail’s SMS service in the coming days.