How to create a new family in India?

How do you create a family in a country with the highest fertility rate in the world? 

There are some steps you need to take in order to do so. 

First, you need a job.

The median age of Indian citizens is 30. 

So, a woman needs a job to raise her family. 

Second, you have to be able to give birth at home. 

But, this is not an easy task. 

Most couples choose to have the baby delivered at home, even if it’s in a hospital. 

Third, you also need a good education.

India has a highly educated population. 

Its a country where almost 80% of the people hold at least a high school diploma. 

For most of the population, getting a high-school diploma is considered to be a prerequisite for a job and it is important for a woman to obtain it. 

Finally, you should have enough resources to survive. 

India’s rural areas are not as developed as the urban areas. 

A family needs to have at least two rooms and a bathroom. 

These are not cheap. 

To help with this, the government has allocated nearly a billion rupees ($12 million) for the development of rural areas.