How to get an SMS in India: The basics

New Delhi, Dec. 11 (UPI) — How to activate a WhatsApp number in India, the country’s second largest and fastest-growing smartphone market.

The app lets you create an account and set up a new number for anyone in your vicinity.

It can be used for free.

The number is activated using a QR code embedded in a picture.

The recipient can then follow the instructions on your phone to get the number.

The new number works in the same way as a traditional WhatsApp number.

The person using the new number must have the WhatsApp app installed.

The sender has to provide his or her WhatsApp username and password, as well as the number that he or she wants to activate.

It’s possible to activate multiple numbers simultaneously, but it requires the recipient to provide a unique number, which is required for activation.

You can also use an SNS number, but that requires a unique email address.

WhatsApp has a SNS mobile app, too.

If you’re not sure whether you want to activate the number, check the options in the app, or visit the website of WhatsApp’s developer, Google.