Twitter to allow SMS alerts and replies to contacts

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it would allow people to reply to their Twitter notifications, and also allow users to reply with text messages.

In addition, users will be able to send SMSes and texts from their phone to their contacts.

The changes will go live on Tuesday.

This new feature will allow Twitter to add additional messaging options and features, such as replies, notifications, voice reminders, and more.

Twitter also announced a new feature to send emoji to your Twitter followers, as well as a feature to automatically reply to tweets with GIFs.

Twitter has said that users can use the new Twitter features to make sure they receive updates and news, even if their Twitter account is offline.

Twitter said the new feature is being rolled out in a beta version for now, so the company is testing it out with the general public first.

While the new SMS feature sounds like it could help improve the quality of conversations on Twitter, Twitter is also taking a look at the privacy implications of the feature.

As the company said in its blog post: “We’re listening.

This is not a news item.

This has been our plan for some time.

It’s a way to keep the world safe and secure while we continue to evolve the social experience.”