What are the terms and definitions of SMS marketing software?

By now, you probably know how SMS messaging apps work.

They let you send messages using a simple touch-and-hold button on your phone.

The app then sends a text message back to you, usually with a link to the right website, a video clip, or a GIF file that you can share with others.

The best SMS apps are built around the same principles.

These apps let you build complex, user-friendly SMS campaigns, so you can create and manage multiple, custom SMS campaigns for each of your subscribers.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different terms and categories that are associated with SMS marketing.

You’ll also find a list of some popular SMS marketing apps.

We’ll look at how to set up a custom SMS campaign.

The SMS Marketing Software Basics You’ll probably already have a decent understanding of the terms SMS marketing and SMS marketing programs, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily know what to call these apps.

In addition, you may have heard about marketing software for text messaging, but not the term SMS marketing specifically.

Here’s a quick summary of the various terms: SMS marketing is the software that manages SMS messages sent by users to send to each other.

SMS marketing applications can be simple text-to-speech or text-only programs.

They’re available for both iOS and Android, and can include things like: a text-based SMS client (such as the ones used in Apple’s Messages or Google’s Texts)