What to Know about Sms Short Code in WhatsApp: How to use it

WhatsApp (https://www.whatsapp.com/) uses a shortcode to send and receive SMS messages.

A shortcode is used to allow you to send messages in a specific way, without having to type any characters at all.

Here is a brief guide to the basics of using WhatsApp Shortcode in WhatsApp.

What to Know About Sms, Short Code, and SMS Shortcode In WhatsAppHow to use a short code in WhatsAppHow can I change the way I receive messages in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows you to change how messages are sent and received in a way you prefer.

You can change the messages you receive in WhatsApp from sending to receiving by using a short-code.

To change the sender or recipient in WhatsApp, you must select the recipient in the settings and then tap on the “+” icon at the top right corner of the message.

Here, you can also change the subject, the sender, and the message content.

You can also use the same short code to send SMS messages, for example, by adding a “+” symbol to the end of the SMS.

In this case, you will receive a message with the same subject and sender as the original message, and can choose whether you want to receive the message or not.

When you receive a SMS from WhatsApp, WhatsApp will give you a short codes that can be used to send the message to that recipient.

You will also get an SMS confirmation email from WhatsApp when the message has been received.

Here’s how to use the short codes.

When WhatsApp sends a message, the recipient will receive it in a text message.

If you tap on a message from WhatsApp and choose to view the text message in a web browser, WhatsApp’s website will display the message in your inbox.

Here are some other useful features of WhatsApp: