What we know about the new Trump administration and how it may affect you

Axios/Associated Press – By DAVID FERREY, AP reporterAssociated Press|The new administration is in full force and fury.

The most consequential decision of the Trump administration is to reverse a century-old ban on women serving in the military.

The president is expected to announce his new pick for secretary of defense later this month.

Here’s a look at the latest news, analysis and analysis about the Trump presidency.

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSThis is an abridged version of a report that will be published Thursday in the journal The Associated Press.

The full text of the report is available at news.yahoo.com/ap/article/news-and-politics/president-trump-administration-banned-women-in-military-officers-chief-statementThe president has not yet issued a formal order for his new secretary of defence, and he is expected in coming days to announce a nominee for the post, the White House said in a statement.

The new order will reverse the century-long ban on female officers serving in combat roles in the armed forces, a ban that has prevented many women from serving in senior military positions.

The ban is a direct consequence of the 2016 sexual assault allegations against Republican Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, and a key part of President Donald Trump’s political strategy to win the election.

The president is scheduled to make the announcement Friday in a meeting with Cabinet members at the White Senate building in Washington, D.C.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that the president “has no plans to withdraw from the global gag rule,” the ban on members of Congress and the media from criticizing the president.

The White House has said it will continue to protect the gag rule.

A statement from the Department of Defense said Thursday the decision “reaffirms the need for all service members to be treated fairly and equitably and that the United States will continue enforcing this ban against all service Members.”

President Trump said Thursday in a tweet that he would announce his nominee for secretary by Friday.

The Department of Justice declined to comment.

The ban was first put in place in World War II.

It was lifted in the 1960s.

But the United Nations has repeatedly called on the United Kingdom to lift its own ban on serving women in combat.

The gag rule prevents members of the media, lawmakers and the public from publicly criticizing the Trump Administration.

The rule was put in effect after the 1972 assassination of President John F. Kennedy and was expanded in the 1990s to prevent members of congress from criticizing or criticizing the administration.

President Barack Obama’s administration expanded the gag order to include members of his Cabinet and the White Houses staff, as well as political groups.

That includes an Associated Press journalist, who was barred from covering Trump in 2015.