A quick look at the newest apps for Windows 10 Mobile

The Windows 10 upgrade was supposed to arrive on April 14th, but we’ve got a few surprises on our hands right now.

We’ve got our first look at some of the new apps coming to the new OS, including Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 4, and a new Microsoft app called Mail.

Microsoft is expected to release a set of new apps this week, with some of them coming with some kind of new “Windows 10 Mobile” logo, or a new branding style.

The company has been releasing apps in the Windows 10 store for a while, and Microsoft has been using its Store app to keep track of all the new versions of apps.

Microsoft has not yet announced the exact dates of the apps, or when they’ll be available.

You can check out the new Windows 10 apps below, which include Mail, Cortana, and Word.

Microsoft is expected not to announce the release dates for any of these apps until the new month.

The new Mail app looks like a simplified version of the app we’re used to in Windows Phone 8, with a new design and more familiar icons.

Cortana looks a bit like the OneNote app we know and love.

Word looks like it could be a very similar app to Cortana, with Cortana in a more familiar UI.

Microsoft does have a new app for Windows Phone called Mail that has all of the features of the Mail app, but is a bit more advanced.

Microsoft said in a statement that the Mail experience is “designed with more advanced features and capabilities,” and that Microsoft is “working to bring Mail to Windows 10 and beyond.”

Microsoft is offering a new set of email-centric features, including an option to sync attachments from Outlook or the Mail service, and new support for sharing links to your photos and other files.

The Mail app will also get a redesigned icon.

Microsoft’s Mail app for the desktop looks very similar to the Mail App we’ve seen on Windows 10 phones.

The biggest difference is that the desktop version of Microsoft’s Mail doesn’t offer an option for saving attachments.

Instead, Microsoft is letting you upload photos to the app, and then send the photos directly to the recipient.

This is much like the iOS or Android version of Gmail.

Microsoft’s Email app is one of the more interesting new apps to come out of Microsoft for Windows.

The Office app has been in the Store for a few months, and the Mail client has also been available in the store for several months.

We’re hoping that Microsoft will give Office some love with a redesign, too, with new support to add images to your documents, as well as some new features for viewing attachments in your email.

We also expect Microsoft to launch a new Office app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, but that’s still a few years away.

Microsoft said it is “committed to delivering apps for all Windows 10 devices and devices in all markets.”

It’s not yet clear if this includes Windows 10 smartphones.