How to take the Facebook sms to the next level

facebook smus is a social networking service that allows users to post messages to each other, with the intention of sharing them later, without having to have a profile picture or post an account photo.

Facebook also lets users create private groups and create group pages on their accounts, with people’s photos and interests on them.

The social network has long been criticized for its aggressive marketing, with one recent study finding that users of the social network have spent $5.5 billion on advertising over the last two years alone.

Facebook smus has a few drawbacks, however.

Users have to create a profile to post a message.

And Facebook’s default profile picture is a black and white picture of a man with his hands crossed, which isn’t exactly a photogenic image.

Still, it’s a nice way to show off your friends.

Facebook has also been working on a feature that will allow users to set a custom photo for their profile, so that they can make a more attractive profile picture for others to see.

The new feature is due out this fall.

Facebook said it is also working on an extension that will let users send and receive photos from friends and others, but Facebook said there are no plans to add any features that will be used in conjunction with the Facebook Messenger service, such as photo sharing and video editing.

Facebook says that if the extension is approved, it will launch with Messenger in the fall.

You can read more about the Facebook Smus in our Facebook Messenger FAQ article.