India’s sms free service is a free service

India’s government has issued a directive to all telcos to ensure that their sms services can be free of charge.

The move comes as the Indian government is facing a backlash over its decision to impose a three-month ban on all mobile SMS services in the country after a series of data breaches.

SMS free services offer the ability for users to send and receive text messages using a mobile phone’s built-in messaging service.

The services can include free texting, email and video calling, but these services cannot be used to send money.

According to a report in TechCrunch, India’s telecom regulator has also ordered the government to launch a mobile SMS service that does not require users to subscribe to any SMS service, nor do they have to use a SIM card.

“The government is taking the initiative to ensure all the telecom operators are providing free SMS services to the population,” Ajay Singh, secretary, telecom department, said in a statement.

“The telecom operators have been instructed to ensure the free services are available to the public at the earliest.”

The regulator said it would soon publish a circular to all the major telcos that will also provide instructions for free SMS service providers.

The order comes just weeks after the government imposed a three month ban on SMS services, as it looked to ensure its security in the wake of data breach.

The ban, which was lifted on November 5, also resulted in an increase in the use of mobile phone SIM cards and the usage of mobile data. More: