What to do if you think your child has been infected with the Ebola virus

In Liberia, a doctor in Sierra Leone says he’s seen the first cases of Ebola in the country, but there’s no guarantee the virus will spread to the U.S. mainland, the Associated Press reports.

Dr. Thomas Rains, a U.K.-based physician who runs the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in New York City, said he has seen cases in three counties in Sierra Leon, Liberia, and four in the capital Monrovia.

Rains said he’s not sure if the virus is spreading to New York, where he lives.

The Centers for Disease Containment and Prevention says it’s not clear how many people are infected in New Yorkers.

It’s not known if New Yorkers are infected.

Ebola is spread by close contact with an infected person, such as coughing, sneezing, touching an infected body part, or touching surfaces where the virus has been shed, such a toilet seat, a shower stall or a sink.

In the U, the virus can be spread by direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected patient.

The most common form of the virus, which is spread through bodily fluids such as vomit or saliva, is known as EV-D68.

The CDC has said that EV-68 is likely to have spread to people in New Jersey, and the governor of New Jersey said the state is monitoring the situation.

New Jersey is one of the hardest-hit states in the U., with more than half of the population living in areas affected by the outbreak.

On Friday, Gov.

Chris Christie issued an emergency order to evacuate the state and all of its municipalities.

The governor also ordered the closure of schools and the closing of the public beaches in the state’s coastal counties, including Long Beach, Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk.

Christie said the governor and the Legislature must meet next week to address the situation and to find a solution to protect New Yorkers from the virus.

He said that until then, it’s up to the people of New York to make the decision to get out of their homes and stay home.

The outbreak in New England has been linked to New Jersey and Connecticut.

It has been a major focus of attention for the governor, who has said he is determined to fight the virus and stop it from spreading in the rest of the country.

On Wednesday, the governor called the outbreak in the Garden State the biggest threat to the nation’s health.

Christie also said on Wednesday that he was not aware of any cases in Massachusetts.