Which US presidents have the most tweeted content?

Breitbart News is excited to announce that we are now available in Google Docs!

This means that if you ever wanted to track who the most prolific US presidents tweet on Twitter, now you can!

Now, just enter the term or phrase you want and we’ll spit out the data.

The data is available in a CSV file in your Google Drive folder, and you can then open it up in Excel, OpenOffice, or any other spreadsheet app you prefer.

Here’s what the CSV file looks like: The data includes a ton of interesting information.

In particular, you can see that Trump tweeted 469 times in total.

If you go into the CSV to the right you’ll see that he has a total of 1,890 tweets, but only 10 of those tweets are from his personal account.

This is actually quite impressive given that the average tweets for Trump are over 2,000 words, so it’s hard to say how many of his tweets are really personal.

The average tweets of all US presidents are currently at over 7,000, but Trump has a pretty unique tweet format.

He tweets the same thing every single day, and he usually only tweets once or twice a week.

This means he doesn’t usually spend a lot of time on the social media platform.

This format is not only a good way to get his followers to follow him, it also provides a way for him to control what he shares, which is quite unique.

It’s worth noting that this data only includes tweets from the Trump account, so you can find many more presidents who tweet from different accounts.

The next step is to add the CSV into a Google Spreadsheet, which means you’ll have to download and import it manually.

To do this, open up your spreadsheet and drag the CSV you just downloaded into the “Data” column of the Google spreadsheet.

Then, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

This will add the data into a new spreadsheet.

You can then copy and paste the CSV in your Excel spreadsheet.

Once that is done, click “Save as…” to save the file.

Once you have your CSV file open in Excel or OpenOffice (or any other text editor), just click “Run” to open the spreadsheet, click on the “Select” button, and enter the name of your CSV.

Click “Next” to add a new column, and then click “Next,” again.

The column you select will display the tweets from Trump’s personal account, which we’ve just added into the column “Personal.”

Click “OK” to save your changes.

Now that your CSV is open, just open up Google Doc in any text editor, and just hit the “Get Info” button.

From there, just go to the section “Twitter” and you should see a list of all the tweets that Trump has tweeted in the last month.

It will look something like this: Now, if you click the name in the left column, you’ll get a popup that says “this column is for president.”

Click on that name to add it to your Google spreadsheet, which will give you all of the tweets in the Trump column, along with their respective titles.

You’ll want to make sure you click “Update” at the top of the popup, so that the new tweets will be added to your spreadsheet.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to click “Go back” in your spreadsheet, but you can still add them to the spreadsheet by clicking on the name.

Once the tweets are added, click back on the pop-up to view them, and click “Copy.”

If you want to view all of Trump’s tweets, just click on “View All” to start adding them to your list.

Now, it’s time to add more tweets to your Trump column.

Click the “Update tweet” button and add a tweet from a different account to your column.

This works on every single Trump tweet, and it’s easy to see just how many are personal.

Here are some examples: I’ve highlighted some of the more controversial tweets that were deleted in the past, but there are other topics that are on the trending list.

You might want to add some of those too.

Here we have a list with a few topics that aren’t on the hot list, but are still trending on Twitter.

I’m not going to list them all here, because I don’t want to clutter the screen, but the ones that are trending are highlighted.

I’d also like to note that the list of tweets from President Trump that we’ve highlighted here are not necessarily those that he’s tweeted directly.

It could be a comment from a supporter, a quote from a book, or something else.

In other words, we’ve included those tweets because we believe they provide context and provide context for the president’s tweets.

You may also want to consider including some of his other controversial tweets, which you’ll find on the list below.

If these are personal