Why does my mobile sms application only show my mobile number?

In some cases, the sms service provider may not actually have access to your mobile number.

If this is the case, you may not be able to send sms messages to a number you specify.

You’ll need to ensure that the service provider has access to the number you have provided.

If you’ve received a mobile smscontact message and cannot see the number associated with your mobile, you’ll need: a valid mobile number (the one you provided to the smscenter) or an existing smscreactor number.

To check whether you have access: open your mobile device’s screen, tap the screenlock icon in the upper-right corner and then tap Settings.

If you see the Sms Settings page, you should see a checkbox labelled Sms Access Access (also called SMSCount ).

If you’re not seeing the checkbox, check the Smscount field.

If the checkboxes don’t appear, check “Enable SMSContact for all devices”.

You can also use the mobile app to receive messages from a number.

To check if the smservers address book is available, tap Settings, tap Accounts and then Tap Mobile, then tap SMS Address Book .

To confirm, tap OK.