How to get rid of an unsolicited email from a spammer

If you’re receiving unsolicited emails from a third-party source, it’s important to consider what you’re giving up in privacy.

You’re giving them permission to send your data to a third party and you’re sending them information that you don’t want to have access to.

You can prevent the unwanted emails by turning off the “disposability” option in the settings for your account.

If you don�t want to allow the sender to access your account, you can limit the number of times they can send unsolicited mail to your phone number.

Here are the steps to do this: Go to your Settings page.

In the Privacy section, turn on the Dispose option.

You might need to open the settings again if you don���t see this option.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Tap on Dispose.

You will see a notification that says, “Your phone number has been disabled.”

Tap on the check mark to accept.

If the Disposable option is enabled, you will be notified when the mail is no longer delivered to your device.

If it doesn�t show up, you should check again to make sure that it still has the option.