How to get the latest news on Twitter without typing in a word

Setting up an SMS game with iPhone or iPad can be a little tricky, and we’ve found some tips to get you started.

Phrase your tweets in tweets.

Tweets can be either direct messages, short snippets or links.

If you don’t want to mess around with setting up the game, try using a hashtag.

Use a link instead of a direct message.

Try using a hashtagged tweet instead of one direct message, or simply copy and paste the tweet into your message.

If you’re struggling to remember the most common phrases, try checking the dictionary.

Find a few phrases you use often, and then repeat them on Twitter.

You can also create a Twitter app to add Twitter messages to your timeline, or add your own.

Set up an account.

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Create an account on Twitter and add a new game to the game.

Once you’re done, follow the instructions on the screen to play the game for yourself.

You can try out your game with a few friends to see if you can make friends, and you can even play with your friends in a group if you want.

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