MyChart Pro’s ProFabric SmartFabric Plus is a $100 iPhone 5 and $50 iPhone 5s, and it’s a killer feature

Posted April 11, 2020 08:50:08The latest version of MyChart pro includes the latest version and the latest features, like the ability to import fabrics and export them to other platforms.

But for most users, there’s no need to spend a dime on this feature.

MyChart’s SmartFabrics Plus is the first major new feature in the latest MyChart.

I love MyChart, but it’s the ProFabrics suite that really makes it worth the upgrade.

SmartFabrics includes a ton of new features.

You can now import fabrics, export them, and share them with anyone with MyChart account, so there’s nothing stopping you from making some awesome fabric creations with this new feature.

To get started, simply select “MyChart” from the top navigation menu and select “Tools” from there.

Once you’re at “Tools,” select “Advanced,” then select “Import.”

Once imported, select the fabrics you want to use in your designs and click “Add.”

From there, you can export those fabrics and share the resulting images with anyone, whether it’s your boss or your friend, on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also share the fabric with other designers and publishers who also have MyChart accounts.

After you export, click “Save,” then “Save and share.”

The new MyChart fabric import feature lets you import fabric to any platform from the iPhone or iPad that supports MyChart Fabric.

MyChart’s new fabric export feature allows you to import a variety of fabrics from other apps into MyChart as well.

It also includes the ability for anyone to import fabric, and the ability and option to export the resulting image to any social media platform, including Facebook and Instagram.

This is a major new update to MyChart and it should be available in MyChart for the iPhone and iPad later this week.