When to ask for help with a medical emergency

When your doctor has a severe emergency, it can be hard to find someone to get you medical care.

It can be especially hard if your doctor doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

But there are a few ways to get medical help if your health care provider has an emergency.

First, if you’re a young person and you’re afraid your doctor won’t understand your situation, there’s no need to worry.

Just ask if your primary care provider will help you find someone who understands.

The next step is to find out who your primary caregiver is.

Find out if they have the same name as your primary doctor.

Then contact your primary medical provider and ask them to help you.

You might even get a referral to a primary care doctor.

In most cases, a primary health care professional will tell you that your health provider will refer you to a local primary care physician or an emergency room doctor.

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