Facebook and Google are sharing code for spam campaigns that collect data about users

Google and Facebook are teaming up to crack down on malicious spam on the social media platform.

The new partnership aims to provide users with a better experience when using social networks, as well as to prevent the spread of malware. 

According to Google, the Facebook-owned platform is now making the code available to third-party developers, who will be able to add new functionality to their products to combat spam.

Facebook is also offering developers tools to improve their products.

The company said that users will be notified when a third-parties program is detected that may be causing a problem.

The two companies have previously worked together to develop a botnet protection tool for Facebook users. 

In May, Google and Twitter announced a partnership to develop new technologies that will help users to identify and remove unwanted ads on Facebook.

Facebook has also been working on a bot-fighting program.

In September, Google announced that it was testing a bot tool for Twitter users, and a week later, Facebook announced a new bot-killing program. 

“Google and Facebook share similar interests in advancing the use of bots and content as well, and this agreement builds on that,” said Dan Mather, Google’s head of ads and marketing.

“Our teams work together to provide better experiences to our users and improve our ability to target ads to those users.”